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At Dailyjocks, we have great gift ideas that come in small packages for every season and any reason.  Whether you are buying mens sexy underwear for your boyfriend, lifetime partner, sex buddies or just a friend we have different styles, colours and looks to suit everyone.   Most people think that buying underwear needs to be personal, but let me break this down why buying underwear as gifts can be a great gesture for different occasions regardless of your relationship or friendship status.

Sexy Underwear Gifts for Him
Husbands and Partners  - By now you should already know each others’ living habits - what he likes on his pie, red or white wine, his favourite colour or his bedside manner - so you should definitely know what is in his underwear drawer.  Perhaps you think he should make a switch from briefs to jockstrap or thongs, now is the best time to raise that awareness in a pair of underwear as gifts.  It could even open up a whole new bedroom experience.  Why not treat your husband and yourself with any of our Underwear gift boxes. Receiving this gift box in the mail can be very exciting and romantic so why not make a date over a bottle of bubbly. 

Underwear Gifts for Boyfriends Perhaps you only just started dating last month or you have recently passed one year anniversary.  A pair of underwear says a thousand words and it can also open up new dialogue, suddenly you realise that you both love underwear, a favourite brand perhaps or different styles, colours  and patterns. 

If you like something cheeky and fun you can go for the brand Maverick, choose from brief, trunk or jockstrap with the cute emoji eggplant or donut to choose from, another brand which brings a lot of joy is Supawear Pow range.   By shopping online together at you can make a date night out of it, talk about all the hot fantasies and make them come true.  

Underwear Gifts for ‘Just Friends’ - People love surprises and personal gifts that stand out from the rest, you don’t want to be remembered as someone who buys the usuals like toasters or photo frames.  It is often a misconception that you need to be intimately involved with someone to buy underwear as gifts.  I have bought underwear for several friends in the past and we were not romantically involved.  One time I purchased a pair of Pump underwear as a comfort gift for a friend who had a bad week at work and another time even just to say hey.  

Everyone wears underwear as much as they wear tee shirts and sneakers and it is fairly common to buy clothes for friends, most of my tee shirts were given to me as gifts and obviously friends know what colours and patterns i like from just looking at my social media feed.  So do some digging on your friend’s social, sometimes the most obvious is just a mouse click away.  Depending on your friendship and no one knows it better than yourself, so you can buy something really bold and daring like Locker Gear Bottomless range  or even a pair of classic and sporty design underwear Varsity Quarterback Briefs with a choice of red, black or blue.  If this is a gym buddy then perhaps buy a matching pair for yourself and your friend.  

This time, we have our influencer Shane @eggbort giving us an insight of what gifting really means.

Do you give much thought when you buy gifts for friends and / boyfriends?  

I always like to give thoughtful gifts! Things that people will love but that also really resonate with who they are as a person. Sometimes that could mean a really special gift, other times it might be a gift voucher or experience when you know the person you’re buying for would really prefer to choose their own gift. 


[At Dailyjocks we offer Gift Vouchers, so if you can’t decide what to buy for your friends, give them our Dailyjocks Gift Voucher in the value of $50, $100 or $200]


How do you buy presents for People? 


Online shopping really has made it possible to get anything for anyone. There’s so much variety and range available, how could you not find what you want? In terms of a process – I like to think about what a person would want, what they need and then try to find a gift option that’s in the gifting budget I’ve set out for that particular person.


Do you like to buy underwear with a partner in a shop together / online and choose together? 


Generally, my husband and I will compare notes on the things we’re buying online, whether that’s clothing or underwear. We’ve been shopping a few times for underwear together – funnily enough at DailyJocks – to find outfits and underwear that we could wear to parties. This has always been fun and it’s good to get a second opinion on what you’re buying. Ultimately though, while it’s important that your partner likes what you’re wearing, more importantly you need to feel comfortable in yourself and what you choose.


Obviously you would know what your partner likes to wear.. Do you sometimes get him another type to try something different and be more experimental?


 It’s always good to try new things. I find both of us like to try different styles depending on the situation. Generally the more “experimental” underwear gets worn to parties, where you’re looking for a cute look!


Do you treat yourself with underwear? If so.. Do you like to try something different other than your normal type? 


I’ve got quite a range of underwear, from bog standard briefs, through to jocks and g-strings. I love wearing anything that’s comfortable, but if it can be both comfortable and sexy, that’s a real bonus!



If you have never bought underwear as gifts.. Would you consider starting that now.. And why would you choose underwear over buying cologne, toasters and music.


Underwear can be sexy but also practical, that’s why it makes a great gift. While toasters and cologne might get used every-so-often, underwear is something that can be used each day – and if it makes you or your partner feel good about themselves, then to me that’s a gift that keeps on giving!