Why every guy needs a toy.

Why every guy needs a toy.

Let’s face it, you have been stuck in various stages of lockdown for the past year, you are bored at home & doing the right thing by not having random hook ups.
Your phone is buzzing but you resist the urge, besides sex with a mask on isn’t exactly sexy (unless you are into that kind of thing, no kink shaming here). So, what are your alternatives? Toys!
No longer are toys in the realm of taboo, they are positioned as much more of a lifestyle purchase compared to the flimsy one you picked up from that dark sex shop in a strange neighbourhood a couple of years ago, which only lasted one time before breaking.
Here at DailyJocks we love all things lifestyle for our customers & have launched a new premium adult toy brand for guys, Macho Toys & we are about to give you the what’s what in all things sex toys.

Realistic Dildos

Why settle for less when you can have as close to the real thing as possible, Macho Toys lifelike dildos are cast from real models & made from high grade body silicone.

Electronic Toys

From Massagers to Cock Rings macho toys has you covered with premium rechargeable eclectic toys.

Unsure what toy to buy?

Find your perfect fit with our short quiz & get 10% off your order, what are you waiting for?

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