Are Crop Tops For Men In Fashion?

Are Crop Tops For Men In Fashion?

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At Dailyjocks we are always on the lookout for what’s trending for men in all things underwear, activewear and fetishwear like crop tops. Wait! Are crop tops for men making a comeback?? Some may argue that it never really went away but neither did harness, jockstrap but in terms of everyday wear, crop tops for men in fashion and fitness still get second guessed.

There is no reason why it shouldn’t make a comeback, as our society is squabbling over labels, roles and identities at large, it also opens a whole dialogue on gender neutrality in fashion.  Crop tops, much like other gender neutral-esq fashion accessories such as metal hair bands have always been thrown into the debate over whether it is masculine or feminine.  In fact crop tops was a fashion trend created by male weightlifters in the 1970s.  They needed to compromise with the gyms’ “NO TOPLESS” dress code so they cut their top in half - a bold move indeed.  


In the 80s, before the internet and social media was a thing, music videos (thanks to the MTV generation) and movies, two media readily accessible by the public which also influenced how people live, breathe and dress.  Gay icon Madonna, who created her own style in fashion in the 80s not only topped the music charts but also influenced thousands of male and female fans to look like her by wearing mesh crop tops in various music videos.  On the big screen, Jennifer Beals in Flashdance revealing her toned torso in a cut off top which is still heavily referenced today.  In the same era, the men in crop tops also got some major screen time.  Here is a run down of the most iconic crop top moments for men in pop culture:

1980 ‘Can’t Stop the Music’ - this macho and extra camp film about The Village People, with Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner) who wore short shorts with crop top which cops the most attention even if appeared in just one scene


1984 ‘Breakin’’ and ‘Breakin 2’ - Two films on breakdance.  The crop top fashion for men in dance stil stay true to its form today with breakdancers, b-boys, voguing (definitely - a dance style that ties closely with fashion), contemporary and dancers in general wearing crop tops in dance studios or on stage is a common treat


 ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ In the same year and perhaps the most popular crop top for (straight) men references in movies is a young Johnny Depp in crop top in the original ‘Nightmare’  


1986 Prince and the Revolution for ‘Kiss’ music video. Prince takes ownership of how he plays with bending the gender rules and in this music video he wore a crop top and is still one of the most talked about MTV moments for men fashion in crop tops.  Much like his music, the image of Prince in crop top will not fade away anytime soon

Fast forward to...


2019 Dua Lipa ‘Physical’ workout music video - with the whole Jane Fonda and 80s style along with a backup dancer wearing crop top.  I can see men working out in gym classes, take a look at our Varsity Field Mesh Crop Tee, breathable mesh through your workout, so you can look sexy and feel great showing off your toned abs with an attitude


Countless of other stars who has made a statement with crop tops in recent years include American rapper Kid Cudi, JVN of reality show “Queer Eye” who is a bit extra with his fashion style often seen in crop top and proud of it too.


2020 is also the year when numerous fashion designers and labels are pumping out mens crop tops on the fashion runway, so it seems the revival is in full swing.  So if you dare to express yourself in crop tops, go no further.  We have a few styles of crop tops for different occasions from workout to clubbing, just dress up for any party or treat the mesh tops with matching mesh shorts like sexy underwear in the bedroom.



When people think that crop tops should only be worn by women, think again - look no further than America’s most masculine body clashing field sport - College Football that many guys grew up playing (or watching).  The fashion trend can be seen on and off the field.  I don’t know about you, but this would be the sole reason why I hang out at the fields between studies.  


This form of cut off jersey in college football eventually vanished by the late 90s. In 2014 this fashion trend was revived by Ohio State College Footballer Ezekiel Elliott (now Dallas Cowboy) who rolled up his jersey to display his toned abs which went viral on social media.   He is branded ‘Hero in a Half Shirt’.  There is also a differentiation between college football (crop top and no socks) to NFL (full size jersey and football socks).  At Dailyjocks we have the VarsityQuarterback crop tee and you can match it with the Quarterback shorts for the complete sporty look, great for working out and partying this summer.


Honourable mention goes to Australian Ironman series, an annual circuit race started in 1989 involving Australia’s fittest athletes and lifesavers wearing crop top singlet for surf ski, swim, board paddling and run.  Mind you, they get really wet so you can actually see their muscular V-Shaped torso.  It’s the race that made ironmen Guy Leech and Trevor Hendy a household name.  Recently it has been announced that the iconic Ironman series will revive and be televised on live TV this year, definitely a great opportunity to blow up on social media focusing on the crop tops on the beach.


It’s 2020, new trends are developing daily by influencers or old trends getting revived, whether you are gay or straight, masc or fem, they are just labels which should not define what you wear but self confidence is sexy and it’s a state of mind.  Whether you are trailblazing or jumping on a bandwagon, you are out there doing it, so own it!


Each blog I will introduce influencers to the relevant topic, this time we have a young couple Christian and Pryce, both dancers, they have some fashion tips on how to wear crop tops



How long have you been wearing crop tops? 

We have been wearing crop tops for the past 7 years maybe a little longer for Christian, myself maybe 5 years. For me personally it is A LOT harder to find a crop that suits my body (Pryce) as I have a longer torso than most, so the crop stops at an awkward length cutting my legs off and making them look shorts. When you want to wear a crop to elongate the legs and show off a partial stomach. Whereas for me, if I just buy any old crop normally to sit just under my nipples and my entire stomach is out. 

Do you wear it as an everyday / ready-to-wear or for party wear, dressups? 

This depends on our mood, we have both worn out to shops as everyday wear, to parties or to exercise classes / dance all the time.

What do you think of mesh crop tops? 

Think they are fantastic.  The mesh helps create shadows which enhances shadows of the body creating a fuller look on chest muscles and even stronger abs. 

Have you ever cut a tee shirt and made it into a crop top? assuming you don't like that tee shirt anymore ? 

All the time!! If we have t-shirts that we no longer wear and they have a nice print on the top we will cut them into a crop. 

Are you aware of the male celebrities with crop top fashion from the 90s - Prince / Lenny Kravitz / Will Smith / Marky Mark?  

A big one for both of us is Johnny Depp in the film ‘Nightmare on Elm street'

Do you read fashion magazines or blogs or follow celebrities on social media who wear crop tops? 

All of the above :) 

Do any of your friends get influenced by what you wear and vice versa..  

I wouldn’t say they get influenced, some of them say they wish they had the confidence to wear them out, or the stomach. 

What are your crop top styles inspired by? 

Honestly we wear them for ourselves, not to copy anyone's looks but to just be comfortable in our own skin. 

Do you live by "flaunt it if you've got it”? 

Yes and no, we think that there is a time and place for it. Like everyday wear not so much, going clubbing - absolutely. 

Do you think wearing a crop top should be age relevant? Ie. Everyone wears trousers from age 1 to 99..  

This is and will always be a personal choice. You still have some people in today’s society who are very conservative and old school or despise us wearing crops.  Everyone should be allowed to wear whatever they want and be able to feel accepted and comfortable. 

What about gender?   Why do you think that people think it is ok for girls to wear crop tops and when a guy wears it .. it is deemed feminine .. 

Perhaps this is thought of as feminine because it’s been looked at in such a sexual way, as womenswear is so small, petite and 'dainty’ which are all words that men don’t want to be associated with.  To me personally wearing a crop is all about self confidence. Just because it isn’t mainstream anymore like it once was doesn’t make it obsolete. 

Do you think crop tops are here to stay?  

In the dance industry 100% they are here to stay, and as long as there are confident males in the industry, crops are here to stay and be filtered out into the everyday life of male and females. Crop tops allow you to show skin but still be able to cover your nipples / chest, the part of the body that is deemed as sexual or a sexual organ.