The first thing to know about pouch underwear is that they’re not all the same (more about that later). However, most all pouches deliver the same awesome benefits:

  • Flattering. Remember we said flattering, not flattening. It’s probably the #1 reason guys buy them – they increase your front profile. And there’s nothing wrong with adding a little beauty and dimension to the world.
  • Comfort. Depending on the pouch’s size, the space allotted can either keep you comfortably in place or give you plenty of room to roam and hang out.
  • Support. It will give you an uplifting feeling indeed. While you are showing yourself to the world, you’re also being supported. No flopping and no flapping. The best of both worlds.
  • Dryness. Most pouches are designed so that you’re keeping the moisture away. Your sweating and sticking is greatly reduced.

Pouches provide the support of a jock with the comfort of briefs. The design is the result of two pieces of fabric that are joined together by a contour seam, which runs along the centre. They are usually available in the following types:

  • Lift. Think of this as thrust and liftoff. The technology in the pouch pushes your package upwards and outwards, making your object appear larger than actual size. Some pouches can enlarge this impression by as much as a few inches. It’s a modern marvel.
  • Padded. So simple, yet so brilliant. Soft, foam padding is placed in the front of the pouch, making your package look fuller and rounder. Don’t confuse this with an athletic cup – the padding here is round and soft, not hard and cold.
  • Contour. A seam runs vertically down the middle of the crotch area, creating definition and giving you a bit more room in the front. The seam also lends durability to the pouch.
  • XL. This probably doesn’t need much further explanation, but remember that pouch sizes can vary greatly among manufacturers. What may be XL to one brand may be perfectly average to another. The idea is for those of you who are well endowed to be less constricted and less reined in than if you were wearing a standard pouch. Another benefit: the extra space allows for more breathing room, which means less sweating and pinching.
  • Anatomically correct. This one is all about comfort, allowing your package to hang free and avoid sticking, chafing and sweating. The pouch is longer, and it’s meant to make you feel like you’re going commando.
  • Fly. These are available in the traditional Y-front style, but some also offer horizontal flies, which help keep your package in place. Nothing wrong with using a zipper to free your member, but most guys go old school: up and over.

In the end (or in the front), it really boils down to personal preference. The choice is yours: how you want to present yourself to the world combined with how much support and breathing room you desire underneath.

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