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Think of high-rise briefs as practical and low-rise briefs as more aesthetical. The main difference is simply the style or cut, as well as the coverage and purpose of the garment.

High-rise briefs have developed a reputation of being more “everyday” and less fashionably appealing than low-rise briefs. Low-rise briefs are mostly all about style and attitude, but may take a short while to get used to wearing.

The high-rise cut gives more coverage of your private area and full support of your genitals and buttocks. Its waistband can sit on the navel, or slightly above or below. The support of a high-rise brief can help give you a slimmer and more fit look.

High-rise briefs also go by these names:

  • High cut
  • Full-rise
  • Full-cut
  • Traditional

High-rise jeans are best to be worn with regular jeans and dress slacks. Think of them as the most practical kind of briefs you can wear.

Low-rise briefs are designed in response to the popularity of low-rise jeans. They sit about three inches below the navel. Low-rise briefs show off your abdominal area, riding just slightly above the hipbone, but they’re really not meant to be seen.

They’ll support you equally well in the groin area, but not so much in the buttocks. Low-rise briefs still do contain side fabric, just like the high-rise brief does, as well as a traditional leg cut (not high-cut). It may or may not have a front fly – that’s a matter of personal taste.

Clearly, low-cut briefs are usually preferred by slimmer, more in-shape men looking to show off their hard work in the gym.

The traditional, high-rise brief won’t coordinate well with low-rise jeans (the high-rise underwear will be visible and will clash with the look of low-rise jeans).

Here’s where high-rise and low-rise come together: they’re most often made of the same material – usually cotton, which provides maximum comfort. However, material mixes are available too.

Think of the difference this way: the cut of the waistband. The high-rise waistband stops on the natural waistline; the low-rise waistband stops on the hip.

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