How do jockstraps compare to other underwear?

How do jockstraps compare to other underwear?

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Men's Jockstraps

I can speak for many gay men who love fantasising about footballers in the locker rooms - the exhausted athletes stripping down to their sports jockstraps.  It was quite common in the 80s for athletes to wear jockstraps for contact sports such as hockey, baseball and football.   When worn with a cup or groin guard, it prevents injuries such as high impact balls, knees and tackles to the highly sensitive genitals. Ouch! Other types of underwear do not provide the same protection - can you imagine putting a cup inside a brief?  This trend became less prevalent towards the 90s with the introduction of compressions. I prefer the athletes in jockstraps for my ‘80s locker room fantasy’ any day.

Are Jockstraps comfortable?

The design of men’s jockstrap consists of a pouch at the front providing support to the genitals with two straps at the rear exposing the buttocks while giving the butt cheeks a wholesome lift.  Jockstrap has lesser material so your bum can stay cooler in hot weather or when you work out in summer.  For optimal comfort, you need to consider the following for comfort:

Sizing - The jockstrap sizing refers to the waistband size which should be the same for your other underwear but bear in mind the sizing across different styles and brands can vary.  

Straps - The straps also need to be perfect fit, but not too tight as it can restrict your mobility and also cause chafing. It cannot be too loose because the straps may twist which would not look good through your trousers and it can be very uncomfortable.  Depending on how snug you want the jockstraps while you are working out, you might need to have a size bigger for freedom with movement.

Jockstrap Pouch material - materials such as polyester and cotton are lightweight and breathable for everyday use whether you are shopping, partying or working out.  Another material to look out for is modal, an eco-friendly smooth material that feels silky and nice against the skin, our Hero Brave Enhancing Jock should be your number one choice, the pouch is designed to boost and enhance your best assets. This one is also great for a first timer who prefers the classic brief look, remember baby steps if you have never worn jockstraps before, this is a must have.

For the daring guys who prefer some fun with their jockstraps, the very sexy Locker Gear - Front Opening has a jockstrap pouch designed with a micro mesh with a peep hole for kink.  This style also boasts a very masculine look. 

Where to wear jockstraps?

To suss out if functionality and practicality can actually meets comfort, I asked a few friends why they love wearing jockstraps:

In the bedroom - 

“My bottoms know I love jockstraps so they always wear them for me”

Confidence and sex appeal -

“I wear jockstraps because they make me feel sexy and I love how it lifts my butt and it also means my butt don’t sweat as much”

For everyday -

Comfort and extra room in the front plays the biggest role for me in purchasing a jockstrap as some can be quite small in the front and can be uncomfortable.”

“I wear Jock straps 80% of the time… to the gym, going out to clubs and also to work”

Underwear fetish -

“It was recently that I started to see underwear as a sexual fetish and jockstrap is definitely the sexiest”

Guys love wearing jockstraps in the gym, it is both practical and sexy.  All those mirror selfies in the locker room after a workout session attract all kinds of attention but it can be a real kick up the ass to work even harder on the buttocks.  After your hard work at the gym you will need to show it off in sexy party outfits, our DJX Amplify Jocks that come in 4 different colours: khaki, red, blue and white.  You can also mix and match with any of our DJX collection such as Trough socks or Circuit socks and DJX harnesses and top it off with a DJX Trough cap, you can’t go wrong.  For something fun in the bedroom look no further than the Pump! - Space Candy Jock in purple or pink, it has lifting elastic with more tension for the extra lift for the butt cheeks.

DailyJocks has a huge variety of jockstraps catered for different occasions from the first timer, sporty, jock and footballer fetish to everyday wear along with different colour blends and styles.