Boxer Briefs vs Briefs

Boxer Briefs vs Briefs

Are you a boxer briefs or briefs type of guy? It’s a simple question, but can also divide nations.  As if we are not inundated with choice making in life already, debating whether cut or uncut is better, dyeing their hair pink or silver grey, staying at home or going out.. so let’s throw underwear into the works and maybe then we can decide who makes better choices.  

Having the right pair of underwear is very important, much like waking up on the right side of bed, it can make or break your day.  A lot of guys prefer briefs because they can see more and it reveals more of a man’s body - less is more and we all know that is sexy.  Then some guys love wearing boxer briefs, because it gives them the loungey feel, like wearing a pair of shorts without feeling too bare.  If you understand each type of underwear characteristics and how each was designed with their advantages then you might want to give the alternative option a crack.  You need to wear the right type that suits you best, based on your lifestyle, body types, the design or the cut of the underwear.  And have you considered the fabrics, whether it allows your crotch and bum to breath, some guys sweat a lot so they should also take that into consideration.

Why do guys wear briefs?

Briefs have minimal material than other types of underwear.  It gives you the best mobility with its 4 ways stretch which is ideal for whatever your lifestyle leads, whether you are at the gym or work in an office sitting on your butt all day.   Without any material for the legs means that you can go out for a jog and bump and grind on the dancefloor or do a split in aerobic class.  It does not bunch up under your pants, so you can get through the day without having to adjust your underwear in public.   

Briefs come in different styles depending on the cut - low rise and high rise.  At Daily Jocks we sell a wide range of low rise briefs designed to suit the modern man in mind.  The low rise style works extremely well with today’s fashion for men, without showing the waistband out of your pants, let’s face it that’s very 90s when it used to be cool - one fashion trend we don’t want to bring back.  

A pair of nice briefs keeps everything in place because it supports the genitals on the front. But keep in mind that size also matters, I am referring to having the right fit for your waist.  If your brief is too tight, it will cause jock itch, redness around your genitals and sweat on the waist. Our lives have become more hectic with everyone on the go, you would need something that accommodates many activities throughout the day.  From going to work, then rush out to lunch and then off to the gym after work.  When you strip down to underwear in the locker room, you need to present yourself, that is the only time you can show off your assets in public.  If you sport a pair with breathable fabrics, that means your penis won’t sweat and neither will your buttocks.   

Brief is ideal for various types of bodies, especially if you are athletic and muscular, It shows off your midsection, your leg muscles and best assets from the front to the back, because it only covers a portion of your buttock.  It also fits the slimmer build too and if you are short, briefs can make you look taller because it is showing more skin on the legs.

At Daily Jocks, we sell a wide range of briefs catered for all sizes whether you are muscular or slim build, if your butt needs lifting I recommend the DJX Amplify Lifting Brief that gives you the extra boost of your buttock.  We also have many patterns and colours, get a pair to suit every mood.

Why do guys wear boxer briefs?

Remember boxers? Yeh those odd pairs you may have owned many birthdays ago, because you loved the feeling of going commando and thought it was masculine, letting your penis hanging loose like a dangling carrot.  It covers your entire buttock with materials that go down to the first quarter of your thighs.  It doesn’t look great on many types of bodies, slimmer guys especially - like a rack.  It doesn’t sound very sexy does it?   Well boxer brief is the happy medium between a boxer and a brief, a great improvement actually. It is shorter than the boxers, with better fitting around the top section of your legs while it still covers your full buttock if you are the conservative type and want to keep something private to yourself only.  Boxer brief also provides the same support as the briefs for the genitals.

Boxer briefs are ideal for guys who like to lounge around at home, especially when you have an uninvited guest popping over, you wouldn’t want to surprise your visitor with too much skin, because it is impolite and she could be your mother in law. So the extra length is a great cover up for your dignity.

However boxer briefs may bunch up if you wear tight or fitted trousers.  Few years ago I wore a pair of boxer briefs under my tracksuit pants for a long haul flight by mistake and I spent the first 4 of the 13 hours flight wiggling in my seat before I made the dash to the toilet to take it off. I am telling you guys this, so you won’t make the same mistake.  So for those frequent flyers, it is best to wear the right size briefs.

Boxer briefs are ideal for the big guys, wider on the hips, midsection and thicker on the thighs because the material around the thighs can separate your legs preventing them from rubbing against each other to avoid chafing. 

We sell a big range of boxer briefs with snug fitting and slim silhouettes that show off your assets on the buttock with support for the genitals.  Some styles even have mesh material which are both sexy and functional so even if you have an all round wrapping of the buttock and genitals, rest assured your body has room to breathe.


So no need to pull punches on whether you are a boxer brief or brief guy, each to their own.  Don’t feel that you are less masculine or sexy because you don’t wear briefs.  Wear one that suits your lifestyle and just know that if you are a brief type of guy there is always an alternative out there on the odd day that you want to just chill out at home without feeling like you are naked so a pair of boxer briefs is perfect for this unique occasion.