Ever wondered how often you should be buying new underwear or which city in Australia buys the most Jockstraps?

Here at DailyJocks we have been selling undies to guys all over the globe for the past 10+ years. With over 1 million pairs of undies shipped we like to think we know a thing or two about underwear shopping.

Check out our interactive map below to see how you compare to others in your state.

Click on your state to reveal the preferred style, how often guys buy new undies & their favourite colour!

Australia's Jockstrap Capital

That's right Melbourne, you are Australia's Jockstrap capital! You cant get enough of our Jockstraps & we don't blame you.

Jockstrap wearers from Melbourne buy the most underwear when shopping and their favourite colours are Black (shock!) and Blue.

Favourite Undies by state

Check out the top selling product from each state:

How often does each state buy new undies?

Tasmanian guys are taking the lead in the Australian underwear rankings buying new undies every 50 days! With those in the Northern Territory falling behind with new undies being delivered every 131 days. We might be biased but with the humidity in the top end we think this needs to be improved!

But a huge shoutout to all Aussie guys who are changing their underwear on average every 86 days vs the global average of 98 days.


1. Guys who wear trunks & live in the ACT purchase new undies the least, with new jocks being delivered every 292 days.

2. Australian guys who wear Briefs buy new undies most often.

3. Jockstrap wearers buy the most when shopping for new undies. (Double the amount Trunk wearers buy)

4. Trunk owners often switch to briefs on their 3rd order.

How Australia compares with other countries

Second place isn't bad, Australia. Much better than some countries (we're looking at you, New Zealand)

Don't worry if you aren't buying new jocks as often as everyone else on the list, we have a huge range of underwear with Free Shipping Australia wide (so no more excuses NT!)