Since 2010, DailyJocks has championed personal style, sexuality and self-expression, offering mens underwear and lifestyle gear to fans around the world.

Since then, our community has evolved to become more diverse - and so too has our brand had to grow and evolve.

Now, we are on a journey to ensure that DailyJocks reflects not only our expanding community, but who we are behind the scenes. We are a team of staff and collaborators, made up of a dynamic cross-section of cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexualities and abilities.

Our commitment for the coming years is to continue to build a brand that champions unity in the community, one that reflects who we truly are - and celebrates that diversity and inclusivity across every facet of what we do, from campaigns, to sizing, to the in-store experience.

While you may notice some changes straight away, some of our biggest plans may only come into action later this year.

Join us as we enter an exciting new phase, one in which anyone and everyone can rely on Daily Jocks’ to equip them to look and feel their best.