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Trough ShortsTrough Shorts
DJXTrough Shorts
Sale price$66.00 CAD

5 colors available

Trough HarnessTrough Harness
DJXTrough Harness
Sale price$43.00 CAD

4 colors available

Brutus HarnessBrutus Harness
DJXBrutus Harness
Sale price$62.00 CAD

3 colors available

Save 49%
Trough SingletTrough Singlet
DJXTrough Singlet
Sale price$26.00 CAD Regular price$51.00 CAD

3 colors available

Save 69%
Liquid HarnessLiquid Harness
DJXLiquid Harness
Sale price$22.00 CAD Regular price$71.00 CAD

3 colors available

Save 61%
Top Party Crew Sock
DJXTop Party Crew Sock
Sale price$7.00 CAD Regular price$18.00 CAD
Save 61%
Vers Party Crew Sock
DJXVers Party Crew Sock
Sale price$7.00 CAD Regular price$18.00 CAD
Save 61%
Homo Stripe Crew SocksHomo Stripe Crew Socks
DJXHomo Stripe Crew Socks
Sale price$7.00 CAD Regular price$18.00 CAD
Save 30%
Pride Trough HarnessPride Trough Harness
DJXPride Trough Harness
Sale price$30.00 CAD Regular price$43.00 CAD
Save 70%
Chain Neck HarnessChain Neck Harness
DJXChain Neck Harness
Sale price$20.00 CAD Regular price$66.00 CAD

2 colors available

Brutus Harness - RedBrutus Harness - Red
DJXBrutus Harness - Red
Sale price$62.00 CAD
Brutus Harness - PinkBrutus Harness - Pink
DJXBrutus Harness - Pink
Sale price$62.00 CAD
Backroom HarnessBackroom Harness
Locker GearBackroom Harness
Sale price$48.00 CAD

4 colors available

Sold out
Sleek Mesh Panel Long SleeveSleek Mesh Panel Long Sleeve
DJXSleek Mesh Panel Long Sleeve
Sale price$29.00 CAD Regular price$94.00 CAD
Save 70%
Pride Oversized T-ShirtPride Oversized T-Shirt
DailyJocksPride Oversized T-Shirt
Sale price$14.00 CAD Regular price$47.00 CAD
Flash Tech Pouch HarnessFlash Tech Pouch Harness
The PackFlash Tech Pouch Harness
Sale price$123.00 CAD

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