Not all waistbands are created equal. You know it when you go through your daily motions. Your waistband could be clawing and pinching into your sides, or chapping or chaffing you. Or it simply may be announcing itself at inopportune times, like when you’re bending over or reaching up.

You don’t have to live like this. We have some solutions.

The wide waistband. It’s meant to look fashion-forward (companies often sew their brand name right into it. That extra elastic contours, helping to slim you down. On jockstraps, wide waistbands are very supportive and look super-retro.

The microfibre waistband. It’s a departure from the traditional elastic waistband, made with fine filaments so that it’s more breathable. It’s softer to the touch, and often smoother and even more stretchable than elastic.

The low-rise brief: if you notice your underwear peeking out and saying hello at inappropriate times (like in the office), try a low-rise brief. The waistband here is located well below the navel. It’s often wider than the actual briefs, but meant to stay out of sight when worn with traditional trousers.

The mid-rise brief. They sit a bit lower than your traditional briefs, with the waistband located about two inches below the waistline (not as low as low-rise). In most pairs, you have the option to pull the waistband up as far as the navel.

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