Trans Pride

Trans Pride

Thought leader and style icon, Oscar, talks to DailyJocks about the importance of fit when it comes to kink-inspired attire - and the influence of fetish in fashion right now. 

In our blog ‘Is Fetish the New Black?’, we looked at how classic kink scene staples such as harnesses, g-strings and jockstraps have recently become standard-issue party attire. 

However for Oscar, style icon and model in our latest  fetish wear campaign, finding the right shape, selection and fit to suit him has been a frequent source of frustration.

Oscar: There isn’t a lot of fetish wear or kink wear that trans bodies can wear that make them feel really hot. I feel really great in everything I've worn today, (as part of the DailyJocks shoot).

Daily Jocks: You’re a style icon in your own right. What inspires your personal style? 

Oscar: How I dress has been a journey of wanting to fit how I felt - but didn’t fit into.

Over the years I have found my own beautiful medium between feminine and masculine clothes. I love the underground rave scene; extravagant things that people like Lady Gaga wear. I try to always have something that pops to make me feel queer, feminine and stand out. Even if my outfit screams masculine.

DailyJocks: What are some other heroes you draw from when putting looks together?

Oscar: I definitely draw inspiration from queer people I have looked up to, people I see on the street. As a community we have so many beautiful individual styles that I love drawing my inspiration from. 

DailyJocks: Does how you style yourself for parties end up influencing what you wear in your day-to-day life?

Oscar: The more I became comfortable with my queerness, the more kink and club wear has made it into my day to day wardrobe. 

The more often I saw beautiful people being their true selves in not-so-safe spaces, the more I was drawn to create my own queer narritve. 

DailyJocks: Have you noticed more kink and fetish-inspired clothing like harnesses and jockstraps in queer party spaces in the last few years?

Oscar: I definitely have seen kink-style clothes move into most queer spaces - not just kink clubs. 

DailyJocks: What do you think has influenced this?

Oscar: I hope it's because we are all more comfortable… to not just hide ourselves away to only exist in certain settings! Kink and fetish wear is beautiful, it is fashion and pushing freedom of expression in more than one queer space. 

DJs: Who is Oscar today?

Oscar: I feel really comfortable and gender affirmed. I am so proud of how much I’ve manifested what I want in life - and now I do feel like I am that person.  

DJs: What is your superpower?

Oscar: My pussy is my superpower. You don’t need a dick to make yourself a man. I don’t think your genitals equate to who you are as a person, and I don’t think I should change my body to make other people happy. 

DJs: You’re modelling for Daily Jocks’ Fetish wear, how was that?

Oscar: I have felt really great in everything I have worn today. I feel like it’s just going to get better from here.  

DJs: What do you love most about your body? 

Oscar: It’s beauty and trans-ness all in one, always. I love how authentic it is to my true self. I never wanted to change any of it to fit any ideals. 

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