The top 5 swimwear brands you’re guaranteed to love

The top 5 swimwear brands you’re guaranteed to love

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That time we’ve all been waiting for is almost here. Sun. Sea. Summer…

And what does that mean? That NO ONE wants to hit the beach in a pair of sagging briefs that do nothing for your package and everything for gravity.

Luckily for you guys, we know our swimwear designers just as well as they know every curve and crevice of your perfectly formed bod. From briefs to trunks, we know exactly who to turn to when it comes to finding designs that support and accentuate your crown jewels.  

Whether you plan on strutting your stuff at your favourite pool or it’s vacation time and you’re aiming to get someone’s attention – DailyJocks have got everything you need to make your beach bum the talk of the town.

2EROS: Golden. Glistening. Dripping… with desire. When Australian designer Jason Hoeung started brand 2EROS in 2008, he had one image in mind. A God of all Greek Gods. This seductive and sleek brand celebrates more than just summer – each non-traditional aesthetic has been artfully crafted with your most loved assets in mind. Selling the full-blown Mykonian dream is what it’s all about; and rumour has it that if you wish hard enough, you get the gorgeous men in the ad campaigns for free with your purchase… sigh. Elaborate prints, the lowest of rises and internal mesh lining so that you can throw your undies off without a care in the world is what will help you flaunt your goods and provide amazing support (and a lift!) as you hit the beach. And the beach bar.  

CODE22: Spot a man in the perfectly designed swim brief from Spanish brand CODE22 and you’ll be whispering te quiero in no time. A brand that focuses on design, comfort, and functionality, you can do anything… (well, just about) in these sultry briefs that pack a real punch. Whatever floats your boat – they’ve got it.  When it comes to swimwear designers, you’re going to need all hands-on deck for CODE22. Nautical stripes and marine inspired briefs are calling your name, and they’re exactly what you need to live out your deepest fantasies – or simply head to the beach looking like a straight 10 out of 10. Aye Aye Captain, all aboard. 

JOR: Just like an extra from a Nicki Minaj video, we’re heading straight to the beach, beach. And we’re flaunting it. When it comes to the itty-bitty committee, Columbian underwear and swimwear brand JOR has got you covered… or not. From floral patterned mini shorts to the teeniest of animal print thong briefs that only provide coverage where it’s needed, there’s everything from thongs to briefs and shorts. This bright and beautiful brand sells more than just swimwear, it sells a lifestyle that’ll make you want to quit the real world and hit up Miami with your squad. 

Modus Vivendi: Based in the beautiful town of Thessaloniki in Greece, Modus Vivendi was born in 1989 by Greek Designer Christos Bimpitsos. With a bespoke approach to designing underwear, swimwear & sportswear, expect the most minimal of swimwear briefs. From barely-there briefs and brazil cuts to jogging cuts, trunks and shorts that scream “look at me”, each design has been carefully crafted for the man that knows what he wants and who he wants to get it from. If you’re looking for the lowest of cuts that show off your V-lines and accentuate your most prized possession, Modus Vivendi is everything and a little more. 

TEAMM8: Sit pretty (and perky) at the pool and go almost as commando as you can in a pair of mesh swim briefs or shorts from Australian brand TEAMM8. Designed for men who want to take their midnight pleasures out and proud in the day, each piece is made from the fastest drying polyamide elastane fabric – get wet n wild and dry off in an instant. Our personal favourites? The teeny, tiny white mesh shorts designed for super comfort… and super performance, if you catch our drift. 

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