Summer shorts can keep you cool, and they can look cool on you. Yet so many men look really silly in shorts. The two main reasons for the epic fail: they’re wearing the wrong kind and the wrong size.

You’ll want to look chill, but you can only accomplish this with styles and sizes that kill.

Throwing on a pair of just anything is fine when you’re chillaxing alone or hanging with pals. However, casual and sloppy are two different things, especially when you’re attending summer functions. Know the difference.

Here are some short shorts rules to keep in mind:

If they go past the knees, they’re not shorts. Your knees should always be visible.

Wear shorts made of cotton, seersucker, or linen blends. These materials are meant for the season that shorts are meant for. They’ll keep you cool.

Avoid baggy shorts. They’ve may have been stylish for a while back in the day, but baggy shorts tend to make your thighs and ass look big, and not in a flattering way. As well, since your lower legs will be exposed, they’ll seem out of proportion to your seemingly oversized upper legs and butt. If you’re going to wear shorts, make them somewhat form fitting. 

Avoid shorts that are too wide. This is different from baggy shorts. Some pairs are cut wide at the leg opening, which will make your shorts wider at the bottom than at the top. This will create a triangle shape, almost as if you were wearing a short skirt. Slim fit is a better choice, or at least a taper that compliments and features the line of your hips and legs.

Avoid super-short, tight shorts. Think Richard Simmons, then immediately rethink it. Make sure they fit comfortably, and that they also make you look like they fit comfortably. There needs to be a sensible zone between your bod and the material -- at least a few inches.

Save the loud patterns for the beach. If you’re attending a summer picnic or patio party – especially for work or an event where you want to impress -- solid colors work best.

Consider shoes vs. sandals carefully. Sandals look best with shorts, as opposed to closed-toe shoes. Never, ever wear socks – especially knee socks -- with sandals. No exceptions. Non-negotiable.

If you must wear closed-toe shoes with shorts, choose ankle socks that will make it look like you’re not wearing socks at all. Other shoe options that are cool for shorts: loafers, but skip the socks. If you’re wearing white shorts, complement them with boat shoes.

Wear a thin belt, not a thick one. Thick belts will throw off your game, and draw too much attention to your middle.

Wear a polo or short-sleeved shirt. Always wear a short-sleeved shirt with shorts -- never, ever long sleeve. Other options include a button-down, collared shirt (again, always short sleeve). Also, forget about that shorts-and-T-shirt combo. That won’t flatter you. It doesn’t shout “adult.”

Add on a pair of sunglasses. It’s the cool final touch to a shorts outfit. As long as they’re not obnoxious – just simple, elegant and cool -- you can’t go wrong.

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