Body Pride

Body Pride

At DailyJocks, we love to inspire our community to look and feel sexy. From lifestyle staples like swimwear and sportswear to underwear, fetish and partywear

Whether you’re wearing a jockstrap or a thong, trunks or swim shorts, loving your body is the first and most important step to feeling sexy. 

But the journey of self-love is exactly that: a journey. 

We chatted to DailyJocks campaign stars, Abe and Ryan, about learning to love the skin they’re in.

For Abe, it was being exposed to body hair worship and experiencing ‘bear pride’ first hand. For Ryan learning to love his curves was the beginning of championing body pride.

At DailyJocks, we’re growing our size range and style selection to ensure that EVERYbody can rely on us to find the kit to make them look and feel their best.

DailyJocks: Abe, what’s your favourite thing about your body? 

Abe: My body hair. And that’s a really big  thing for me to say because when I was younger that was something I really hated.

DJs: Why do you think that is? 

Abe: When I grew up I had a very stereotypical gay icons, you know, ‘Queer as Folk’, the things that you just saw on TV. Which were all very (traditional ideas of) ‘good’ bodies - and they were all hairless bodies. 

DJs: What was the turning point for you? 

Abe: It was basically a friend dragging me out into the ‘bear’ community, where it’s celebrated. And people will, like, compliment and chase after you just because of it.

DJs Self-Celebration Tip: Find Your Own Icons.
Remember: you get to choose who you look up to. Don’t confuse ‘popular’ for ‘best’.
Seek out (independent) thought-leaders and find the heroes, sheroes and queeroes that truly inspire YOU.

DJs: How would you describe how you feel about yourself at this stage in the journey?

Abe: There are still certain parts that I don’t like, but you know, we’re all growing.

DJs: What’s one thing that you would like to tell your younger self?

Abe: Anxiety was a really big struggle for me, so I wish I could tell myself not to get bogged down by that. If I could’ve been pushed into this community earlier, I think I would be at an even greater level of self-esteem and self-love.

DJs Self-Celebration Tips: Find Your Tribe.
Connecting with a community of like-minded peers can enable you to feel more seen - and celebrated. It may also give you an opportunity to be a hero for younger members of your community.

DJs: You’re one of the stars of our fetish wear campaign. How do you feel in this outfit today? 

Abe: This is something that I would wear to a party. To be honest I’m feeling quite amazing in this outfit!

DJs: What makes the perfect party ensemble?

Abe: Something that you feel comfortable in. Being fully clothed, being almost naked, you know, it's all the same as long as you're comfortable.

Ryan is featured in both our swimwear and festish campaigns. When interviewing him, we found out he’s had a similar journey towards self-celebration.

Ryan: It's taken a bit of a while to begin to love my body.

DJs: Do you have a favourite part? 

Ryan: My curves. I’m proud of my curves and I’m happy for anyone that is also proud of their curves. Also, my arms. I work on them a bit too much, but I love those (laughs).

DJs: What’s the main thing you have taken away from your experience today? 

Ryan: I like that I can walk into a DailyJocks now and find something that’s going to fit me, and I’m going to feel great in it, and I’m going to enjoy it. 

DJs: What would you say your superpower is?

I like to think that my superpower is my connections with my friends and with my family. I like to make sure that everyone has all of their needs met and that everyone feels the most comfortable they can be in their own skin, in their own body - no matter what the situation is.

DJs Self-Celebration Tips: If You’re Nervous, Focus on Service.
Not feeling it? Try ‘giving’ the feeling you’re looking for. Make others around you feel more confident and comfortable - and you will too!

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